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PREMIERE 14th of May 2014 – Polka Theater in London (UK) / A 16 performances tour co-organised by Take Art and South East Dance in UK in may and June.
NEXT DATES : Grand Logis – Bruz (35) for the festival Marmaille : on the 15th of october at 10am, 11am and 4.30pm

Stand facing the mirror I’m just ahead of me,
This reflection is it really me or another me?
Yet it’s quite like me, it moves all the same,
well almost …

Unless it’s you, right in front of me!
And if so, would you like to play with me?

Dance, object manipulation and rhythm are at the heart of this piece, which will use fun visual effects produced by mirrors and reflections as well as gestures and sounds to create a fun and intriguing dance work. This show for a very young audience is attractive visually and musically, but also playful. At this time of childhood the first discoveries are explorations of instinctiveness, toughness, curiousity, vitality, awkwardness, and wonder. While they are starting to identify themselves they realise their multiplicity as well as the other.

What is this body that I made? How does it move? By part? Together…

« Geminus » was born and has been developping within the framework « Dansce Dialogue 2″ project. A first step was the participation of the 2 choreographers to a artists salon, in Brighton in March 2013. Then, at the invitation of the South East Dance, The company went to Eastleigh- The Point- for 8 days in order to research and set up some matters for an early years performance. At the end of the week , the project was selected to be produced and toured.

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Dates in the UK in 2014:
Polka Theater : 1 avant première
Somerset- Take Art : 8 – 10 représentations
Kent – Gulbenkian Theater: 4 représentations
Kent – Applause rural touring : 2-3 représentations

Dates in France on 2014/15:
Le Triangle / Cité de la danse – Rennes (35) : 18-19-20 juin 2014
Grand Logis – Bruz (35) for the early-years Festival Marmaille : on the 15th of Octobre at 10am, 11am and 4.30pm
Mac Orlan – Brest (35) : on the 29th of October at 10.30am et 3.00pm
A L’intervalle – Noyal S/ Vilaine : on the 9th of January 2015 at 10.30am, 11.00am and 3.00pmand on the the 10th of January 2015 at 11pm

Artistic direction: Sarosi Nay
Choreographers: Sarosi Nay and Alessandra Piccoli
Dancers: Alessandra Piccoli and Laëtitia Lanoë (or Florence Casanave)
Dramaturg: Lou Cope
Music composer: Edouard Leys
Set designer: Camille Riquier
Light designer: Cyrille Guillochon
Technician : Alice Gill-Kahn
Costume designer: Myriam Rault

Company size: 4 on tour + 1 tour manager
Stage requirements (min size): 6m2
Tehnical set up (w/ pres-set): 6h
Get in time required: 2 h
Get out time required: 1 h
Tech rider available: on demand
Audience size: Audience end-on.
For older audiences (3-5) 60 children plus adults, for younger audiences (2-3), max 60 including adult
Contact us for non conventional location

Co Production: Cie UBI, South East Dance – with the support of Dansce Dialogue 2 // Pre sell: Le Triangle, Cité de la Danse à Rennes (35), Le grand Logis – Bruz (35) et Le théâtre Lillico – Rennes (35) dans le cadre du festival Marmaille, L’intervalle – Noyal Sur Vilaine (35) // Support : The Point – Eastleigh (UK), Spectacle Vivant en Bretagne, Très Tôt Théâtre à Quimper (29), le Collectif Danse Rennes Métropole pour un prêt de salle au Garage à Rennes (35), L’intervalle – Noyal Sur Vilaine (35), Service Culturel de Montfort sur Meu (35) pour un accueil en résidence au Confluent.



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