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The art to create movement lies in a gesture, a melody, a painting, a text, a puppet, an object…

We conceive dance and performing as a mean to unite, in a same choreographic impulse, different ways to set up in motion, to make them heard and visible all together.
Not isolated, create links.
In this sense we work and experiment with artists from different background.

Our artistic acts are movements of life, faithful reflections or not of the world that surround us; they are singular and intimate interpretation.
They are also the fruits of common and timeless interrogations that we carry ourselves, as everybody exposed to life.

These reflections, emotions, we would like to share them with the audience taking on themes such as desire, identity, fear, memory, relationship with the other and with the time.

These little things that are, because we are.

Alessandra PICCOLI – Sarosi NAY
Dancers choreographers


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