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Creation 2016 – Tout public
Next dates : residency from 15 to 19 February at the Centre Culturel Juliette Drouet – Fougères (35)
residency from 29 february to 4 march at the Collectif Danse Rennes Métropole – Rennes (35)

« Lado A, ‘A-side’, Lado de la… This titel, or this name, comes from the idea of conceiving a a performance in the form of a music album, composed by different titles that are more or less long.
Like several reflexions, poems, inspired by the question of space, division of territories, border, the seperation of the characters that form it : the earth, the culture, the human, the emotion… »

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Starting from the meeting point of movement and music, this creation draws a line from the technique to a poetic object.

Conceived as an album, this performance will be composed by different pieces of music that interact, oppose each other and find back to each other.

The scenic plan takes naturally the form of a concert in movement. The stage is shared by two musicians and three dancers. They coexist in order to weave together the landscape of tones, shapes and colours, where the relationship is not built on a hierarchic basis, but where the two universes inspire and influence each other.

Artistic direction and choreographer : Alessandra Piccoli
Dancers : Alessandra Piccoli (replaced by Florence Casanave during the creation) and Laëtitia Lanoë
Performer and contributor : Pedro Consorte
Composers and musicians : Lu Horta et Marcelo Effori
Light designer : Cyrille Guillochon
Costume designer: Myriam Rault
« Conceive other spaces in order to feel, sense paths of common language. Communicate, offer one single poetic way, enriched and coloured by the different personalities. »

Context of the creation

Anchored in an artistic cooperation between Brazil and France, the project is designed as a research cycle succession of 2 years (2014-2016) around contemporary dance and body percussion. The body of this research is the construction of a « new language » by experimenting with different ways of linking the two artistic techniques; then open up avenues where they resonate. Alessandra Piccoli and Sarosi Nay, driven by this configuration offer to two musicians from Brazil to accompany them: Lu Horta (founding member of the group Nucleo Barbatuques) and Pedro Consorte.


Co-Production : UBI, L’intervalle – Noyal-sur-Vilaine (35), Pôle Sud – Chartres de Bretagne (35), Centre Culturel Jacques Duhamel – Vitré (35), Centre Culturel Juliette Drouet – Fougères (35), Arth Maël – Ploërmel (56)
Support : Le Collectif Danse Rennes Métropole – Rennes (35) : residencies and workshops, Musée de la Danse à Rennes (35) : workshop with Pedro Consorte, Théâtre du Cercle à Rennes (35) pour des ateliers de rythme et mouvement
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