31 january at 5 pm and 1st february at 9.45 am and 10.45 am at the Centre Culturel Athena in Auray

Project France-Brazil

Body percussion and contemporary dance
As part of the research work started in November 2014 in Sao Paolo in Brazil, that crosses body percussion and contemporary art, the choreographers of the Co UBI collaborate with two Brazilian artists, Pedro Consorte and Lu Horta, both body percussionists. On the occasion of the arrival of Pedro in France, a research cycle is set up.

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Dance in outreach program

Several ongoing projects around the development of cultural actions show how the Co UBI. enhances transmission and raising public awareness of dance. Among them, the residence in the Saint Armel school in Rennes (35), supported by the DRAC and in partnership with the Triangle / Cité dance - Rennes (35) or the "gifts" of the Dance Museum in Rennes and Brest; the "Groupe en Mouvement" in Noyal Sur Vilaine (35), the fac@fac college project, and many more.

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Geminus : creation 2014

The Company UBI plunged into the intricacies of identity and otherness in this performance for early years audience (3-5 years).
Next dates:
Espace Culturel S. Allende – Saint Malo (35) : 20 and 21 November 2015
Festival Sur un petit nuage – Pessac (33) : 21 December 2015
Onyx-La carrière – Saint Herblain (44) : 6 to 9 January 2016
Théâtre en Rance – Dinan (22) : 10 and 11 January 2016
Centre culturel Athéna – Auray (56) : 31 January et 1 February 2016
Festival Ninjiskid au Piano’cktail – Bouguenais (44) : 10 February 2016
Théâtre du Cercle – Rennes (35) : 10 March 2016 during Quartiers en scène
L’Agora – Bilière (64) : 14 to 19 March 2016
Centre culturel de Monein (64) : 21 March 2016
Centre culturel Simone Signoret – Canejan (33) : 23 march 2016
Pole Sud – Chartres de Bretagne (35) : 12 Mai 2016

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Company UBI : 13 Years of existence

Two artists/choreographers, Alessandra Piccoli and Sarosi Nay, codirect the company UBI, founded in Rennes in 2002. The project of the company carries itself the matter of artistic encounters as well as a broader access to dance. The two choreographers have never stopped experimenting with other artists the cross breeding of art forms and matters to give room to another space, another timeline and the Other. This opening has induced a constant renewal in the creative process. In parallel, the company leads a raising awareness work of dance which participates in the willingness to give access to a non-initiated audience. It is also for the artist of the company a place of exchange and exploration. Along with the 9 creations, the choreographers rely on improvisation as a source of exploration. They give birth to an inventive and original artistic language where the relationship with the object is inherent. They anchor their work in a poetic and intimate genre that tends to overcome social and cultural barriers and come back to the crux of humanity.